Pricing your home to sell, its preparation and staging, professional photography and a strong online presence are features of our listing services. Once under contract, we keep you firmly in the loop as the sale of your home is completed. 

Recently, I visited a home that had just sold. The house was a couple years old and looked entirely conventional. That's what the buyers thought they had bought but were quite surprised to learn that they had a super efficient condensing gas furnace and sophisticated fresh air ventilation and filtering systems, all inside a very efficient sealed attic with foam in the walls and on the roof bottom. The selling agent and the buyers were clueless, and the buyers got it all for free. Good news for them, for sure, but the seller was short-changed. Had that house been marketed properly the selling price would have been higher.

If your home is particularly efficient, or has some other technically advanced features, you will profit if your Realtor identifies and markets them properly. Increasingly, buyers are looking for more efficient homes and well-designed homes, and lenders and appraisers add value for these qualities -- if they are aware of them.

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Here is the Virtual Tour for a Modern Home we sold in Agave Neighborhood.Modern Agave home sold by





Here is the Virtual Tour for a Modern Home we sold in Bouldin Creek, 78704.Modern home sold by Ken Altes in Austin TX