Paul Robbins’ Indispensable Environmental Directory

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This Environmental Directory is required reading for finding the best sources of green living in Central Texas. It is meticulously researched and covers a broad spectrum of issues, services and sources. Mr. Robbins is a veteran activist for energy conservation and anti-nuclear.

Detailed sections are:

  • Water and the Environment, covering water politics in Texas,  water conservation techniques, and vender sources.
  • Clean Energy, covering solar and conservation contractors, and Austin Energy incentive programs.
  • Green Building, this section covers a lot of ground, from Austin Energy Green Building programs and incentives, electric vehicles and conservation measures.
  • Locally Grown Foods, extensive lists of restaurants, caterers, that use local foods or are vegetarian. Also, there is a very useful list of farmers’ markets. Don’t miss the Community Supported Agriculture section.
  • Recycling and Reuse, with a very useful list of recycling centers.
  • Energy Efficient Lighting, a great primer on the concepts, savings potential and sources of green lighting.
  • Environmental Groups that you can join and support. You will be very surprised that Central Texas supports so many citizen groups.





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